Easy invoke pip install using batch commands

Pip tool allows quick installation of python modules. On windows, the normal procedure requires the command prompt need to open and points to the correct directory and run the pip install command line.

By creating a batch file and a shortcut on the Desktop, installing new python modules can be as easy as clicking on the .bat file and type the name of python module for installation.

The batch script below display a dialog with 1.display the list of python module installed 2. install target module using Pip. 3. Uninstall a target python module using Pip.

Simply copy the below code to a text file and rename it as “insert_name.bat” to use.

@echo off
REM Batch command to easily invoke the pip install/ uninstall function.
REM User can quickly install the required python module by just entering the module name
REM Runs on Windows

echo Select menu
echo ================
echo 1. Display python modules being installed using pip function
echo 2. Pip installation (individual files)
echo 3. Pip uninstall

REM set the python version here
set python_ver=27

set /p x=Pick:
IF '%x%' == '1' GOTO NUM_1
IF '%x%' == '2' GOTO NUM_2
IF '%x%' == '3' GOTO NUM_3
GOTO start

cd \
cd \python%python_ver%\Scripts\
pip freeze

echo  Enter a filename to start install using pip
set INPUT=
set /P INPUT=Type input:%=%

cd \
cd \python%python_ver%\Scripts\
pip install %INPUT%


echo  Enter a filename to UNINSTALL using pip
set INPUT=
set /P INPUT=Type input:%=%

cd \
cd \python%python_ver%\Scripts\
pip uninstall %INPUT%




  1. what is the next step…I saved it and clicked on the file command prompt is opened…selected the choice 2…then what I have to do…

    1. Hi Swetha, once you selected choice 2, there will be a prompt for you to enter the target module you want to install. Just type the target module and press enter.

      Hope that helps.

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