Convert Jupyter Notebook into Gist fast with Gist-it

Easy way to convert Jupyter Notebook into Gist.

  1. Required Tools:
      1. Jupyter extension package
  2. Steps:
      1. Install Jupyter extension and configurator
      2. Commands
        1. pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions
        2. jupyter contrib nbextension install
        3. pip install jupyter_nbextensions_configurator
        4. jupyter nbextensions_configurator enable
  3. Open notebook and there will be a new tab Nbextensions
  4. Select Gist it and enable it. See step 5 for further configuration.
  5. Note: somehow I cannot create anonymous gist even though Gist-it allows it. Therefore, would need to create a access token from Github.
  6. To generate the access token, go to link and click “generate  new token”. Provide a description and under scope, tick gist and click Generate token
  7. Copy the token string. Return to Gist-it parameters selection in Notebook and Copy the token into the GitHub personal access token. Tick Gists default to public and click Enable
  8. To gist a notebook, click on the Github icon, tick Make the gist public and enter a description, click Gist it!

Further notes 


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