Sending alerts to iphone or Android phone using python

I was trying to figure out ways to send stocks alerts to my phone when I came across the following blog which demonstrated this using the app called “pushover”:

How To Get Alerts On Stock Price Changes Using Python

PushOver provides very good API support and source codes for variety of languages including python for those who need to setup the program for doing the notification. However, PushOver requires a one time license fee for continuous use and limit to iOS. A free alternative is the “pushbullet“. PushBullet is able to cater to similar function and can provide alerts to (android and iOS) phone plus computer with any of the major internet explorer.

The pushbullet require a access token which can then be used to submit notification text via post command to the specified url making it very easy to set up. Below is a sample function to post a notification which can be set up easily with requests.

Azelphur also provide pyPushBullet in Git Hub which includes all the PushBullet function in python.

import requests
import json

def send_notification_via_pushbullet(title, body):
    """ Sending notification via pushbullet.
            title (str) : title of text.
            body (str) : Body of text.
    data_send = {"type": "note", "title": title, "body": body}

    ACCESS_TOKEN = 'your_access_token'
    resp ='', data=json.dumps(data_send),
                         headers={'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + ACCESS_TOKEN, 'Content-Type': 'application/json'})
    if resp.status_code != 200:
        raise Exception('Something wrong')
        print 'complete sending'



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